Ethic's 3 Membership Classes

As a multi-stakeholder cooperative, our name, business model, ethos & values put sustainable, ethical travel & global community at the heart of a lodging & hospitality enterprise cultivating shared humanity thru collective ownership.

Worker Membership

Join an amazing team of mission driven worker owners. Just like normal you work and get paid, but at Ethic you also get an equal vote and equal ownership share in the Cooperative. Based on the number of hours you work each year you will get a proportional share of the company net income.

$1,000 one time

Community Membership

Full access to our Community Coworking Space (free coffee!) right in town.

Special access to our outpost lodging, for when you want to get away from the city.

An equal vote and equal ownership share in the Cooperative. You're not just a member your a member owner.

$10 / month

Investor Membership

Investor Membership offers anyone who is already a member and perhaps those outside our membership the opportunity to invest in Ethic. We haven't started taking investments yet, but when we do we will let you know.

$ ???

What's a coop?

“Cooperatives are jointly owned, democratically controlled enterprises that advance the economic, social, and cultural interests of their members."